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Commercial Cleaning is Not the Same as Home Cleaning

When trying to implement an effective cleaning strategy to maintain control over the spread of germs and bacteria in the workplace. Utilizing common house hold products are not the best approach to achieving quality professional commercial cleaning. In fact, OSHA the Office of Safety and Health Administration explains that relying on green cleaners, is your best method to achieve maximum results. OSHA recommends using certified cleaning products because doing so helps decrease the chances of coming in contact with harmful chemicals. OSHA also conveys that it’s important to not rely solely on a product that has the name ‘green’ in the title or that smells good (, 2020).

When selecting a office cleaning solution, it is best to consult with a professional commercial cleaning service provider in your area, who possess the knowledge, skills, and ability to support your commercial cleaning needs, and provide the insight and awareness, you seek to reach your cleaning and sanitation goals.

Staying enlightened on the best methods and chemicals is one way to assure, your workplace is operating in compliance with OSHA recommendations, and helping manage the spread of germs and bacteria.

Below are some recommendations to consider:

  • Clean surfaces with soap and water before using chemicals (, 2020)
  • Cleaning the office more often than prior to COVID-19 is highly effective

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Michigan Reopens And Businesses Need To Continue Cleaning To Protect Consumers

Michigan reopens its doors to retail store owners, barbershops, beauty salons, and malls. Officially, the State of Michigan has unlocked citizens, and we are now able to enjoy our state. Even though, COVID-19 remains a threat, it is warm and Michiganders’ are ready to live. Yet while we are taking stride to enjoy our lives once again; it is imperative we remain vigilant in helping combat the spread of COVID-19. Thus, Allen Maintenance Corporation continues thriving to help keep Michigan businesses clean and healthy.

Rest assure that, Allen Maintenance Corporation relies on commercial cleaning products, e.g. Fast and Easy and microfiber clothes, to decrease the spread of COVID-19. In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention stresses that “cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in community settings” (, 2020, para. 4). Furthermore, the CDC explains that “the risk of exposure to cleaning staff is inherently low. Cleaning staff should wear disposable gloves and gowns for all tasks in the cleaning process, including handling trash”(, 2020, para. 31).

In addition, The Worldwide Cleaning Association-ISSA also explains that “according to a report by the University of Washington Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, microfiber cloths are more effective than traditional cotton cloths for removing bacteria from surfaces” (Meeks, 2018, para.1). Additionally, the University of Washington Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences add that, microfiber cloths reduces cross-contamination, especially if a color-coded system is adopted, and if, the microfiber cloth can be folded into sections that keeps part of the cloths unsoiled (Meeks, 2020).

Thus, to help improve the cleaning practices within Michigan businesses located in the Metro Detroit business district. Allen Maintenance Corporation is ready to deploy effective cleaning schedules that can meet the needs of local Metro Detroit business district business owners. This includes, medical facilities, gyms, education facilities, and corporate offices.

Partnering with a reliable service provider who you can trust, is a key component to effectively combat COVID-19. Thus, take time to learn more about the quality services rendered by Allen Maintenance Corporation. Services are rendered 24/7, excluding federal holidays.


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Defeating COVID-19 With Professionalism

Professionalism is a quality that encompasses the knowledge to provide effective and efficient services to the public and private sectors. This includes knowing how to share information to enable listeners to understand the messages being shared. Additionally, this includes possessing the skills to speak and write effectively and efficiently.

With the continued spread of COVID-19 in the work environment, it is essential that clarity is practiced in sharing vital data about new information being disseminated by the health department. Having access to reliable, trusted information resources, enables professionalism to impact the spread of COVID-19.

Allen Maintenance Corporation has taken time to understand this pandemic, and the impact this virus is having on the business community. So much, Allen Maintenance Corporation now requires all personnel working in the field, to take extra precaution to protect themselves by adhering to all recommended cleaning procedures and practices. This includes washing hands often, wearing protective mask, and using commercial cleaning disinfectants. Additionally, personnel relies on microfiber clothes, bleach, and commercial cleaning solutions that stop COVID-19 from spreading on contact.

Trusting that your commercial cleaning service provider is doing everything to make sure, your professional work environment is sanitized, is essential to defeating COVID-19 in the work place.

Rest assured, all services provided by Allen Maintenance Corporation are backed with a guarantee to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including other germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Our services are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau, and we maintain our membership with the ISSA Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association.

Combating the Spread of Coronavirus in the Work Environment

One of the scariest viruses in our history is spreading around the world; how do we defeat it? This is the question many Americans are concerned with. After all, mixed reviews and misinformation about Coronavirus, keeps countless Americans awake with worry about going to work, school, shopping, to the gym, to religious services, or any public place where people are accustom to spending their time gathering with others, socially or professionally.

As a result, Allen Maintenance Corporation took the initiative to compile some informative data, you can rely on when making decisions regarding the safety of your health and the health of others in your work environment. In fact, it is imperative that all small and large businesses, non-profits, recreation facilities as well as health and therapy environments, rely on a commercial cleaning disinfectant that can help reduce the spread of Coronavirus. Otherwise, such environments are advocating for the spread of this deadly virus.

Much unlike the Flu virus, Coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for 72 hours. In fact, Assistant Professor, of ecology and evolutionary biology at University of California, Los Angeles, James Lloyd-Smith, conveys that the Coronavirus has the ability to live on surfaces for three days (, 2020). Additionally, NPR journalist, Allison Aubrey, conveys that its beneficial to understand how long the Coronavirus can live on surfaces, “because the virus can contaminate surfaces when an infected person sneezes or coughs. Virus-laden respiratory droplets can land on doorknobs, elevator buttons, handrails or countertops-and spread the virus to anyone who then touches these surfaces” (,2020).

Furthermore, the Australian Government shared details about cleaning up the hospitals with disinfected. “There is an Infection Prevention and Control Practice Handbook that outlines the appropriate steps for cleaning a room to ensure there are no viruses remaining. Staff also wear protective gear when cleaning to protect themselves and limit any spread of infection”(, 2020). With so much data resources providing answers to question on how to stop the spread of Coronavirus in the work environment and other public gathering places. It is essential to trust the knowledge and expertise of commercial cleaning specialist, who understand how to stop the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Allen Maintenance Corporation works closely with many Metro Detroit businesses, large and small, to reduce dirt and germs that can build-up. Included in the skills and expertise of this Lincoln Park, MI. commercial cleaning service provider, is the ability to educate consumers’ about the value of working with Allen Maintenance Corporation. To combat viruses. But to persuade you even more, we have compiled this video:

       As a result, take cover and do what is needed to clean the environments, you work in and/or socialize in. In doing so, you can help protect people and yourself from being victims of Coronavirus.


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Emerging Viruses Evoke National Scare for Today’s Business Environments

The outbreak of Coronavirus has the Center of Disease Control running scared searching for answers to assure the public that everything is under control. Until everything is under control and there are more answers to this issue; how can local businesses begin to prepare and prevent this virus from invading their offices? After all, the Influenza virus, Stomach virus, and Upper Respiratory Infection virus each are blanketing Washtenaw, Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties.

Simply enforcing hand washing and use of hand sanitizer isn’t always the best remedy to prevent these viruses from spreading in the work environment. As a result, it is essential that commercial cleaning products approved by the Federal Government be utilized at all times of the year. Allen Maintenance Corporation cannot stress enough the value of relying on Spartan Chemicals-Fast and Easy. This dynamic potent cleaning solution delivers an advanced treatment to end worries about the spread of viruses on commonly used surfaces-i.e., desktops, computer key boards, walls, light fixtures, door handles and knobs, drawer handles, and writing utensils.

However, because no none facts have been provided about how to combat the spread of this Coronavirus, it’s terrifying for commercial cleaners, who try to provide a quality service without all of the facts on how to protect themselves and their clients from being victimized.

Thus, it’s important to take the initiative to research more about this virus and others that can be a potential hazard to the health and safety of any business environment. Allen Maintenance Corporation continues to dig deep into research databases regarding public health and safety matters. Below is a list of public health databases, you can easily access to gain knowledge and information about these viruses and how to protect, you and your work, business, school, and organizational environments from victimization:

Additionally, details about the Coronavirus can be learned from viewing the below video clip:


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                                  Bed Bugs Are Invading Public Environments

In January 2020, a list of cities were compiled regarding the growth and spread of bed bugs. According to Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine, Orkin Pest Control shared details of the cities that scheduled to have large areas of homes and business environments sprayed for these pest. Detroit was among those cities listed; and remains a high concentration area that requires better inspections to cease the spread of these pest.

Allen Maintenance Corporation continues relying on effective commercial cleaning products that help combat the spread of germs and bacteria. However, with bed bugs it can be a daunting task trying to rid commercial environments of such. After all, there is always a consistent flow of traffic bringing many forms of germs and bacteria into local businesses.

In 2020, working with a professional commercial cleaning service provider, should be your business concern. After all, if you receive a large number of consumers, your rest areas are the first place germs and bacteria build up. Bed bugs can hide in clothes and be tracked in on carpeted floors underneath shoes. These pest can hibernate and multiple if not controlled effectively.

Allen Maintenance Corporation wants to be your first choice to help you fight germs and bacteria, including viruses and pest. After all, Allen Maintenance Corporation has built its reputation as the best in the commercial cleaning industry.

Thus, please take time to learn more about our services and connect with us, to build a better healthier work environment. Together, we can fight germs, bacteria, viruses, and pest.


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Larva Drain Flies Can Be Found Nesting in The Gym Shower Drain

One of the most invaluable assets of attending the local gym, is the private use of public showers. After a long sweaty work out, commonly, many rush into the gym shower, especially if, they have to rush off to work afterwards. Unfortunately, in some gym showers drain flies gather. These tiny grey worm like flies need moisture and live anywhere water accumulates for a week or more. Commonly found indoors under shower mates in public gyms as well as in toilet bowls and tanks, in sinks or floor drains in basements or garages, or drain pans under refrigerators. In fact, these wriggling larvae can also be seen swimming in water. As a result, these areas require deep cleaning as often as necessary to help prevent the growth and spread of these flies.

In fact, “control of drain flies should be aimed at elimination of breeding sites. The most effective control method is to clean pipes and traps thoroughly to remove accumulated slime. Pouring hot water down the drain may provide short-term control. Drain fly larvae are difficult to drown because they are able to trap air bubbles and remain submerged for a day or more. Do not pour insecticide down drains to kill drain flies. The drain fly cycle takes from about 10 to 15 days at about 70° F. Groups of eggs are laid on gelatinous films of organic matter. The larvae can develop in water or thin surface films. Actual time varies with temperature, development is slower at lower temperatures but can continue through the year indoors” (Townsend, n.d.).

Allen Maintenance Corporation helps remove these pesty flies from the water drains of Orange Theory Gyms throughout the Metro Detroit business district. Thus, if you see larva flies crawling on the shower floor of your local gym, please have your gym manager call Allen Maintenance Corporation, to schedule an in-house inspection and consultation.


Townsend, L. (n.d.). Drain Flies of Moth Flies. University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. Retrieved 12/26/2019 Website:

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Staph Infection Spreads Fast and Can Kill Suddenly

The Center of Disease Control reports that in 2017 20,000 citizens died from Staph infection and 119,000 citizens had bloodstream Staph infection. Staph Infection is a germ found on people’s skin. This doesn’t mean the infection cannot be found within the bloodstream. This also doesn’t mean that, you can easily identify, Staph Infection on every consumer or potential client that walks in your office doors.

Staph Infection is easily spread from person to person. This germ has the potential to cause death if left untreated. This is why it is important to work with a qualified commercial cleaning service provider, who knows how to effectively combat the spread of germs and bacteria, such as Staph Infection.

The Center of Disease Control provides a list of resources to educate you more about Staph Infection. Simply log on to their Web site to learn more:


Staph Infection Can Kill. (2019). The Center for Disease Control. Retrieved: 12/16/2019. Website:

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University Scientific Study May Provide New Layer of Toilet Seat Protection

Research posted on the Cleaning and Maintenance Management news website, convey that graduate researchers at Pennsylvania State University have discovered a dynamic approach to combating the spread of germs and bacteria on toilet seats. In fact, with the use of a newly developed spray on bacteria chemical repellent, there is great chance, your experience sitting on a public toilet in the near future may very well be saved from left behind germs and bacteria, by those who sat on the throne before you.

The study shares details suggesting that a two-step process is necessary to reach optimal success. First, is an applied application of polydimethysiloxane silicone, which is a substance designed with moleculary grafted polymers. This spray on substance leaves the toilet seat smooth after its first application. Secondly applied is a spray on silicone application, which adds an additional layer of protection. This process is believed to have staying power for up to 500 users.

This research study helps provide clarity on a new methodology to help destroy germs and bacteria on contact. After all, too often, public toilet seats are saturated with urine and foot prints. Luckily, Allen Maintenance Corporation thrives to share commercial cleaning news and updates that educates its clients about the new innovative cleaning and sanitation products on the market.

Thus, when seeking to better understand what are the most effective cleaning agents to help defeat the spread of germs and bacteria. Relying on Allen Maintenance Corporation is a great approach to answering your commercial cleaning needs.

To learn more about this research study, log on to:


Scientist Invent Germ-Repellant Toilet Coating. (2019). Cleaning and Maintenance Management. Retrieved: 12/9/2019. Web site:

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Hand Sanitizer Don’t Always Help Stop The Spread of Germs


Recent research conducted in Japan on hand sanitizer, conveys that hand sanitizer isn’t as effective as assumed, to combat the spread of influenza virus. Interestingly, “they found the virus remained active after the volunteers rubbed their hands with the sanitizer for a full two minutes. In fact, the virus was not completely inactivated until four minutes of hand rubbing. However, when volunteers practiced antiseptic hand washing, they were able to inactivate the virus in 30 seconds. Although researchers has expected the virus in mucus to be resistant to hand sanitizers, they found the protective effective of mucus was stronger than they had realized” (Cleaning and Maintenance Management, 2019).

Thus, it’s important to make sure all personnel in your work environment has access to water, soap, and hand sanitizer. These products are useful in helping reduce the spread of germs and bacteria that spreads influenza during Flu season. Otherwise, your work environment is a haven for germs that causes and spreads viruses. Therefore, please take time to review the following educational clipping provided by the Mayo Clinic:


Hand Sanitizers Provide Limited Protection Against the Flu (2019). Cleaning and Maintenance Management. Retrieved: 11/11/2019. Website:

Are Your Washing Your Hands Long Enough To Kill Germs? (2019). Retrieved: 11/11/2019. Website:

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Commercial vs. House Hold Cleaning Products

In a quest to reduce the cost of cleaning products, many businesses rely on household cleaning products to sanitize their professional cleaning environments. Doing so not only impacts the ability to effectively combat the spreads of germs and bacteria as well as viruses. But this also impacts the ability to effectively combat the spread of blood borne pathogens.

As a result, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has shared a written letter explaining the value of utilizing “appropriate disinfectants” to effectively sanitize commercial business environments, where blood and body fluids are commonly left behind in restrooms and public showers. To review this letter, please log on to the following Web site:

Additionally, the ISSA-Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association has prepared a video educating, you about the importance of complying with GHS (Globally Harmonized Systems) regulations. This video offers insight on what GHS represents, and conveys why, you should adhere to this regulation. You can view this video now:

Allen Maintenance Corporation thrives to stay updated on the requirements needed to effectively provide quality commercial cleaning services to its clients. After all, concerning ourselves with your cleaning needs is our business.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Retrieved: 11/04/2019. Website:

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Bleach Helps Eliminate Urine Odor in Public Showers

Working out at the local gym is a great way to build personal strength and improve your health. The worse part about public gyms is the shower. After all, too often, people practice unethical behavior in public gyms (e.g., urinating in the shower). This practice of behavior can tarnish a gyms reputation if this issue isn’t handled effectively.

One way to effectively combat the stench that rises from the shower drain, due to urine smell, is relying on bleach. After all, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides a clear path to understanding how to effectively clean and sanitize sinks and drains with bleach. Of course, because most gym showers are not located near windows, to enable a clear path of fresh air to help remove the strong odor of bleach after its poured into the shower drain. It is recommended that bleach is mixed with water before being poured into the shower drain.

In doing so, you reduce the amount of bleach smell that lingers after usage. In fact, allowing the shower water to run for ten minutes after completing the initial application usage, will provide adequate time to clear the strong aroma of bleach from the shower drain. Most important, do not utilize ammonia to remove shower drain smells.

It is also important to adhere to the recommended application usage procedures provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. To learn more about these procedures, log on to:

Also, be sure to review this video provided by Clorox Bleach to learn more about the effective use of this cleaning agent to remove urine smells:


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Legionnaires’ Disease May Be Found in Your Local Gym Shower Plumbing System

During and after a local state fair exhibit in North Carolina, many attendees reported contracting Legionnaires’ Disease. This alarming outbreak, was caused from a hot tube display featured during the state fair. Oddly, Legionnaires’ Disease was found in the water, utilized in the displayed hot tubes. Attendees who were drawn near these hot tubes, contracted the bacteria disease and passed it along to others.

In fact, there were a reported 116 confirmed cases, with one death, and 80 hospitalizations (Cleaning & Maintenance Management, 2019) . Later, eight additional people who attended the fair, reported contracting Pontiac Fever, which is a milder form of the disease (Cleaning Maintenance Management, 2019).

Legionnaires’ disease is common by nature. It can be discovered in man-made water systems (e.g., hot water tanks, plumbing systems, cooling towers, and decorative fountains). This includes, local gym showers and recreation facilities, were water systems are commonly utilized i.e., public pools and showers. This is why, chlorine is commonly relied upon to kill water based germs and bacteria.

Working with a reliable commercial cleaning service provider, can help, your business stay up-to-date on what new methods are being deployed, to combat the spread of germs and bacteria. Allen Maintenance Corporation thrives to stay in formed and provide clients good quality commercial cleaning and building maintenance services that combats Legionnaires’ disease and other germs and bacteria.

Staying knowledgeable helps protect, you, your business environment, and business consumers, from being victimized by flesh eating germs and bacteria, that seems to continue growing wide spread annually. Taking time to stay educated on the facts about germs, bacteria, viruses, and diseases, can decrease the amount of time and effort spent recovering from such. Or, even dying from such.

Allen Maintenance Corporation delivers educational Blog post that shares awareness. Stay connected; share your feedback, and call us today, to learn how we can help protect, your business and keep it clean.


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Hand Washing Has Earned a Special Day of Recognition

As a janitorial service provider, coming in contact with viruses and disease borne pathogens is common. Thus, utilizing latex gloves and OSHA approved products that combat the spread of germs and bacteria, are key instruments commonly relied on. But the most beneficial element of combating germs and bacteria in the janitorial and building maintenance service industry, is washing hands.

Traditionally, washing your hands has been a thing-to-do, without anyone having to remind you. After all, quite commonly, we wash our hands before eating and after using the rest room. In department stores, we are now able to utilize Purell hand wipes before grabbing a basket to begin our shopping journey. Who knew there would be a special day of recognition for washing your hands?

In fact, October 15th has been designated as a day of paying homage to hand washing. Allen Maintenance Corporation has been adamant about teaching its sanitation account managers about the value and importance of washing hands, during and after every account location has been cleaned. Doing so not only helps protect all sanitation managers from contracting germs and bacteria that can cause viruses. But this helps reduce the amount of sick days a sanitation manager tasks due to transmission of germs and bacteria in the cleaning industry.

According to Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine, in 2008, The Global Handwashing Partnership, was established to support an initiative to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria causing viruses and diseases. However, the United Nations has taken a sincere interest in helping support this agenda, and this year, will be launching the Sustainable Development Agenda. This exciting agenda is being promoted by the Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine as well as the Global Handwashing Day non-profit organization.

Allen Maintenance Corporation supports this action; after all, as a janitorial and building maintenance service provider, it is essential to assure that all team members who conduct hands-on action to remove dirt, grim, germs, and bacteria, from commonly utilized surfaces, heavily saturated with hand and finger prints soiled in oils, from a variety of persons each day. Remains protected. With the use of hand washing tools (e.g., warm water and soap) as well as hand sanitize. The impact of germs and bacteria spreading remains low.

Thus, it is invaluable that everyone takes the initiative to wash their hands daily. Not just before leaving out the rest room. But before touching your face, mouth, and others’. In doing so, you help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention offers an extensive research portal on this subject matter. To review this data link, please click here:


Global Handwashing Day is October 15th. (2019). Cleaning and Maintenance Management Magazine. Retrieved 9/23/2019. Web site:

Hand Washing: Clean Hands Saves Lives. (2019). Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved 9/23/2019. Web site:

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Inspecting the Cleaning Services Provided by Allen Maintenance Corporation

Letting an external service provider have access to your business environment, can be scary; especially when, the service provider has to have access keys. Moreover, explaining what, you want done daily, three days a week, or once a week, to a commercial cleaning service provider, shouldn’t be difficult. After all, you have a list of cleaning needs written down and you don’t want to repeat your needs, especially when you are issuing invoice payments on time.

Inspecting the cleaning services rendered by Allen Maintenance Corporation, requires a keen eye for detail. After all, glass surfaces are finger print free. Floors are clear of embedded shoe sole imprints and excessive debris. Rugs and carpeted floors have been vacuumed, and restrooms will smell like OSHA approved chemicals. Waste will have been disposed of properly, and no cobwebs will be dangling above desk tops.

Inspecting behind, Allen Maintenance Corporation, is easy. After all, when you arrive at the office each day after services have been deployed. You can be sure your smell senses will enjoy the fragrance of scented germ fighting chemicals. Bacteria and dust will be absent. And streaks of vacuum cleaner wheels will shade the carpet. Toilet seats will sparkle, and faucet handles gleam.

This is the satisfaction, you receive every time you inspect behind services offered by Allen Maintenance Corporation. Allen Maintenance Corporation is a member of the ISSA Worldwide Cleaning Association. The video provided below shares details about the professional standards established by the ISSA, which Allen Maintenance Corporation thrives by.


ISSA "Daily Restroom Cleaning" Training DVD Sample. (2018). Retrieved 9/7/2019. Website

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Business Environments Must Clean to Protect Against Non-Polio Enteroviruses

Washing hands after using the restroom at work, has become a norm for most business environment personnel. But quite often, merely washing one’s hands, doesn’t always protect against the spread of germs, bacteria, or the non-polio enterovirus. In fact, the Center for Disease Control conveys that “you can get exposed by the virus from having close contact, such as touching or shaking hands, with an infected person, touching objects or surfaces that have the virus on them, then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth before washing your hands” (, 2019).

In fact, the non-polio enterovirus can be spread from person to person, weeks after infection, even without signs of symptoms. This virus was originally discovered in California in 1962, and cases of the virus surfaced again in 1987. Then in 2014, cases began to grow widespread; evoking a need to implement better treatments.

During summer and fall months it is most likely people will become infected. Even though, the virus can be spread year-round. Symptoms include, wheezing and difficult breathing; coughing, body aches, runny nose, and sneezing. Those likely to become infected includes infants, children, and teens as well as people with compromised immune systems. Adults can also become infected but lack symptoms quite often, making it hard to determine if they are infected.

Therefore, working with a knowledgeable building maintenance and commercial cleaning professional service provider is invaluable to the health safety of your work environment. Trusting Allen Maintenance Corporation to help, your business remain clean and aware of current health trends and concerns, helps you avoid costly medical bills and taking time off work to heal. Learn more about the Non-polio Enteroviruses, by logging onto the CDC Web site at:


Non-polio Enteroviruses. (2019). Center of Disease Control. Retrieved: 8/20/2019 .Website:

Enterovirus D68 Outbreak. (2017) Mayo Clinic Institute. Retrieved 8/20/2019. Web site:

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Commercial Cleaning Is A Priority And Should Never Be Shunned

Too often, people snub their noses at the cleaning lady or male janitor who takes time to assure the restrooms are clean and healthy. Combating the spread of germs and bacteria isn’t an easy task. After all, even the government remains boggled about the best methodologies to implement to effectively help deter the spread of germs, bacteria, and pathogens. One reason why Allen Maintenance Corporation thrives to stay current on the latest janitorial industry news regarding new products, safety issues, and red flags on commercial cleaning news alerts.

One way that helps Allen Maintenance Corporation provide informative details about the building maintenance and commercial cleaning industry, is researching reliable newsworthy databases. Today, the ISSA-Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association offers a seemingly unlimited supply of news and information that educates the world about combating germs and bacteria, to what products are new on the market. To learn more about the ISSA-Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, log on to their Web site at:

Additionally, Allen Maintenance Corporation researches news offered by the Commercial Cleaning Industry News source, who, too, delivers international news about laws, regulations, new products, and articles that educate about the commercial cleaning industry. To learn more about this dynamic news portal, log on to:

Furthermore, Allen Maintenance Corporation remains compliant with the State of Michigan cleaning industry regulations, by logging on to the United States Department of Labor Web site, to learn about the current trends to help local janitorial service providers remain compliant with regulation standards. To learn more log on to:

Helping the Metro Detroit business district remain healthy and clean is a priority of Allen Maintenance Corporation. In doing so, Allen Maintenance Corporation can remain first in offering reliable, trusted, quality building maintenance and commercial cleaning services. So, when seeking a quality commercial cleaning service provider, you can rely on, call Allen Maintenance Corporation, and put your worries to rest.


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# # #

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Using Ultra Violet Lights To Kills Germs

Researchers at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. have been conducting research in an effort to determine best methods to combat germs. This study conveys that ultraviolet lights will be an effective method utilized in the future to stop germs from spreading in places such as bathrooms and on toilets. The use of a special coating, i.e., ultraviolet light emitting diodes, may be useful in eliminating germs altogether.

In fact, ultraviolet light can be effective by applying electrical fields to kill bacteria and additional harmful pathogens. Researchers believe this method can help protect health facilities and public rest rooms from being environments infused with germs and bacteria. To learn more, log on to :


Kart, J. (2019). Ultra Light Coating Can Zap Away Bacteria, and Even Super Bugs. Website :

Prepare for an Outbreak Before it Occurs

One of the most challenging issues business environments face is the large number of personnel working together in tight cubicle settings. After all, tight close spaces are gateways to germ sharing and can impact the health of everyone within the office, if effective cleaning agents are not utilized daily. Unlike many business environments, some office managers neglect to hire outside professional cleaning service providers. This can create a haven for germs and bacteria to grow and aid in an environment of germ sharing. In fact, with the spread of e coli and the norovirus, knowing what products best combat these germs, viruses, and bacteria, determines how safe and healthy office cubicles really are.

Research shared by the Cleaning Maintenance & Management Web site, conveys a list of news articles recently compiled on the norovirus, and the impact this virus is having on public environments. Take for instance, Officials at the John Muir Elementary School in Seattle, Washington closed the school for a few days to secure the environment and remove presence of the norovirus. As a result, feverish efforts have been launched to help combat the spread of the norovirus. In fact, the Norovirus Buster TANCS steam vapor cleaning and disinfectant system was created by Advanced Vapor Technologies.

Question is, why are professional business environments neglecting to hire external professional cleaning service providers? This is a huge issue in the Metro Detroit area business district. In fact, while recently visiting a local marketing agency office, and asking to utilize the restroom. I was immediately appalled at how filthy the walls and sink were. I also began examining the walls and doors of offices while waiting to be seen. Although this was a million-dollar marketing agency; the concern for public health and safety was zero.

Please, if you are a local Metro Detroit business owner, or visits a local Metro Detroit business and you find it nasty and in need of professional commercial cleaning. Please contact Allen Maintenance Corporation, where you can rest assure that professional cleaning is our job. To read more updates about the norovirus, log on to:


Cleaning and Maintenance Management. (2019). Search Results: Norovirus. Website: (2019). Multi Clean Product. How to Disinfect to Kill Viruses and Germs. Website:


Trusting Your Commercial Cleaners to Do Their Best Every Time

Learning how to depend on a building maintenance and commercial cleaning service provider can be worrisome. After all, there are concerns of theft and disrespect of personal and private files and documents. The very reason why, Allen Maintenance Corporation thrives to respect its clients’ privacy rights and personal belongings. 

Today’s commercial cleaning service providers face the daunting task of hiring employees who can not only get the job done each and every time. But who can be trusted to work in commercial environments with little direct management. Thus, Allen Maintenance Corporation tackles this issue effectively. After all, owner, Gerald Allen, works closely with local law enforcement agents to conduct back ground checks on potential employees to assure each employee has no known theft criminal convictions. 

Even better, Allen Maintenance Corporation takes the extra step to work with team members who possess the desire to clean commercial environments, in compliance with industry standards. Thus, making building maintenance and commercial cleaning top priority, for all of Allen Maintenance Corporation clients. A dynamic reason why trusting Allen Maintenance Corporation to sanitize and clean your business environments, should be your business priority. 

After all, working with any commercial cleaning service provider can be troublesome. But, Allen Maintenance Corporation is different. So much, special care is rendered with every job deployed. And never do you need to concern about theft. A great reason why working with Allen Maintenance Corporation matters.

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OSHA Recommends Cleaning Surfaces More Effectively to Kill Bacteria and Pathogens

OSHA has released a detail report conveying the value of utilizing microfiber clothes in an effort to avoid cross-contamination; and recommends heavy regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces where food and water are used. After all, reports from the U.S. Centers for Diseases Control discovered foodborne infections increased tremendously in 2018 compared to previous years. In fact, the 2018 report conveyed an increase of pathogens accounted for 26,000 illnesses and 120 deaths. 

Furthermore, the 2018 report conveyed that campylobacter, a bacteria often found in water, was a top contributor to bacterial foodborne illnesses. Compared to 2015-2017, the number of cases closely related to the campylobacter bacteria increased by 12%. Thus, its been recommended to utilize microfiber clothes as a primary source in collecting bacteria, and riding area surfaces safe and clean.

Allen Maintenance Corporation has relied on the use of microfiber clothes for many years, when cleaning commercial environments. After all, utilizing microfiber clothes can help absorb dirt and dust, and protect against the spread of germs and bacteria. These cleaning tools are safe and can be easily cleaned with bleach and detergents in any washer machine. To find a reliable and trusted brand, Allen Maintenance Corporation has researched a reliable source-Home Depot, who offers these germ fighting towels at a great retail price. To learn more about ordering microfiber cloths from Home Depot, review this link:


CDC Finds Food Borne Illnesses on the Rise. (2019). Cleaning and Maintenance Management. Website:  Retrieved 5/13/2019

Microfiber Clothes. (2019). Home Depot. Website: ; Retrieved 5/13/2019

10 Creatures Living in Your Drinking Water. (2019). Website: Retrieved 5/13/2019

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Is Hand Sanitizer Safe?

The Federal Drug Administrator-FDA, has been evaluating some ingredients currently integrated in today’s hand sanitizers. Seemingly, there is a debate regarding the use of benzalkonium chloride, ethyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol, in hand sanitizes. These ingredients have been used to help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Yet, the FDA is seeking assurance that these ingredients are not harmful to users.

In fact, the ISSA-Worldwide Cleaning Association, has provided a statement rendered by the America Cleaning Institute, who conveyed that “Hand sanitizers are a critical part of healthy hand hygiene routines for millions of people every single day,” the statement read. “On behalf of our members who produce hand sanitizes and their ingredients, the American Cleaning Institute looks forward to providing additional data to ensure the FDA has complete and up-to-date information on ethanol and benzalkonium chloride used in these beneficial products. ACI welcomes the agency’s decision to allow adequate time to complete the new studies to generate the data the agency is requesting.” (, 2019).

Allen Maintenance Corporation, renders quality building maintenance and commercial cleaning services defined by industry standards, and thrives to help local Metro Detroit businesses, maintain leverage over the spread of germs and bacteria throughout their business environments. Please continue taking time to review Blog post hosted on this Web site. Thank you.


FDA Issues Ruling On Hand Sanitizers. (2019). Worldwide Cleaning Association. Website:

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Gloves on or Gloves Off

Having concerns about the safety of one’s health while cleaning can be a daunting task. After all, in some instances a serious threat to one’s health doesn’t always exist in a dirty and dusty environment. Yet in times when one feels insecure about the environment and potential health threats. Having facts to support questions and concerns help.

So, should you wear gloves or not, when cleaning? Research provided by the United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, conveys in a report entitled-Personal Protective Equipment Assessment, rules and procedures commercial cleaning operators should follow to protect themselves from germs and commercial cleaning chemicals.

According to OSHA, “OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.132 requires employers to assess the workplace to determine if hazards are present, or are likely to be present, which necessitate the use of PPE” (, 2019). Additionally, OSHA provides a list of effective PPE tools to consider utilizing. These tools are conveyed in a clearly written format and available on the OSHA Web site, i.e.

In fact, OSHA conveys that “you implement a PPE program to help you systematically assess the hazards in the workplace and select the appropriate PPE that will protect workers from those hazards. As part of this PPE program, you must do the following:

    • Always assess the workplace for hazards
    • Implement effective engineering controls and workplace practices to prevent and eliminate hazards to the extent feasible
    • Choose appropriate PPE to protect employees from hazards that cannot be eliminated and/or controlled
    • Inform all employees why the PPE is necessary and when they must be worn
    • Train all employees on how to use and care for the selected PPE and how to recognize PPE deterioration and failure
    • Require all employees to wear appropriate PPE in the workplace

Thus, wearing gloves are highly recommended as safe precautionary step to preventing workplace hazards that can be costly to the business and personnel. A great reason why it’s important to conduct effective research that provides clear answers.


United States Department of Labor Personal Protectant Equipment Assessment. (2019, April 16). Retrieved from:

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Maintaining a clean green business environment, requires utilizing FDA approved products that helps reduce the spread of germs and lowers the growth of bacteria.

For more than, 20 years, Allen Maintenance Corporation, has relied on effective cleaning products that help kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. Utilizing clean green products, (e.g. Damp Mop & NABC), are two effective germ fighting defenses that protects business environments from being plague by filth.

After all, today’s germs, bacteria, and viruses, are developing defenses that are learning how to defeat some of today’s cleaning products. Thus, it’s important to rely on products that enable, your business to maintain control over the spread of these pathogens.

This video developed by the ISSA-Worldwide Cleaning Association, which, Allen Maintenance Corporation is an active member of, shares an educational clip that shares details about Green Cleaning. 

To work with a commercial cleaning service provider that utilizes Green Cleaning products; choosing, Allen Maintenance Corporation, will be the best choice, your business can make.


Green Cleaning: Fading Away? (2018). Web site:

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The growing use of back pack vacuums, has returned, and it’s important to understand how to effectively clean this dirt carrier. After all, back pack vacuums, harbor germs and bacteria that can impact air flow, as dirt and germs are picked up during services.

Using back pack vacuums reduces the need for vacuum bag replacements. This also helps cut cost tremendously in commercial environments. However, maintaining effective cleaning methods, is important.

Allen Maintenance Corporation works closely with, Orange Theory Fitness, and utilizes back pack vacuums, as a method to help this business reduce vacuum bag replacement cost. However, it is imperative that these vacuums are cleaned after ever use. Thus, emptying the heavy duty vacuum filters, by removing them and emptying content, can help lower the spread of germs.

Daily use of back pack vacuums, is a great way to maintain control over the wide spread of germs on floors, high, hard to reach areas, and wall edges, (e.g. corners and cervices).

Allen Maintenance Corporation recommends using a wet warm towel, to wipe down back pack vacuums. Doing so helps lower the spread of external germs that cling to the external components of these cleaning tools.

You can learn more about maintaining cleaning back pack vacuums, by watching the following video


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While disinfectants are developed to help control the spread of germs and bacteria. Germs and bacteria have developed the ability to out think disinfectants. In fact, research conducted by McGill University Office of Science and Society reports that some bacteria have grown resistant to FDA approved disinfectants. This can be a health concern for commercial businesses that have high traffic levels.

After all, according to the research study, even though commercial cleaners are recommended to utilize microfiber cleaning cloths to help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, along with approved germ and bacteria fighting disinfectants that control the spread of pathogens. These recommendations are becoming null to some bacteria and germ growth.

Alarming as this sounds, its time, commercial businesses increase the amount of time commercial cleaning practices and procedures are implemented.

Doing so can not only cut down the spread of germs and bacteria that can create health hazards for commercial environments. Implementing stringent cleaning methodologies, reduces the need to purchase more cleaning supplies.

This is why Allen Maintenance Corporation maintains a firm belief in relying on industry regulated cleaning supplies that not only reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. But cuts down the ability of germs to out think disinfectants.

For example, the pathogen Acinetobacter, has been proven to be a strong pathogen learning how to out think disinfectants. This pathogen is often discovered in health environments, and continues to rage war against the use of FDA approved products. Thus, it’s a daunting task for health environments to begin considering turning to a professional commercial cleaning service provider, who can implement stringent cleaning procedures that defeats germs and bacteria on contact.

To learn more about Acinetobacter, log on to To take advantage of the services offered by Allen Maintenance Corporation, contact their office, Monday-Friday 9am-3pm at 313-383-4840.

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The sight of snow covered grounds can be daunting for business. After all, the number of face-to-face visitors diminish. While tracks of snow and salt pile in the front door.

This can be hazardous to business. Thus, it’s imperative to maintain a professional attitude about the appearance of businesses front entrances. After all, the gateway to any business environment, is what consumers encounter first.

Allen Maintenance Corporation has prided its winter cleaning services, on helping businesses avoid being victim, to winter accidents and potential law suits. After all, a slip and fall can cost tremendously.

Thus, keeping front entrances clear of wetness and salt trails, is key to winning the war against, winter storm business blues.

Of course, there are concerns about the impact salt can have on granite, wood, and carpeted floors. Working with a professional building maintenance and commercial cleaning service provider, who understands how to effectively combat floor damage, can give, your business the leverage it needs, in this weather.

Allen Maintenance Corporation remains ahead of the game, in building maintenance and commercial cleaning, by adhering to industry standards, and those established by the ISSA-Worldwide Cleaning Association.Therefore, to relieve, your concerns about winning the war against winter storm blues; contacting Allen Maintenance Corporation, may help end your woes.

Otherwise, the fees, you’ll pay fighting a slip and fall, would be much greater. Thus, Metro Detroit businesses can call 313-383-4840, to learn about the services offered by Allen Maintenance Corporation.

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The recent closure of local Metro Detroit businesses due to noncompliance to health regulations; it’s time local Metro Detroit businesses begin partnering with a reliable commercial cleaning service provider. After all, the health department has already shut down several businesses operating in Wayne, Oakland, Livingston, Macomb , Monroe, and Southwestern Michigan areas.

Having a business close due to building violations or health issues, managed by the State health department, can ruin the reputation of the business. This can also increase the cost of commercial business insurance.

Thus, taking an active role to establish a business alliance with a reliable, trusted, service provider, who earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, can help manage the sanitation needs of your business.

Allen Maintenance Corporation adheres to the Food and Drug Administration and utilizes FDA approved products that combats the spread of germs, and kills the FLU virus.

Neglecting to build a partnership with a building maintenance and commercial cleaning service provider, can be costly. Learn how, Allen Maintenance Corporation, can help reduce increased insurance cost, and diminish the spread of germs spreading in your office.

Otherwise, the consequences can be costly.

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Let’s face it, managing restroom odors is a daunting task. After all, throughout the day, each employee utilizes the restroom at least three times. During those times, the restroom becomes saturated with body odors, colognes, perfume, body fluids, and body waste. So much, even the installed pre-timed air freshener positioned over the restroom door, doesn’t always provide the best odor defense.

But quite often, those lingering odors are not a culmination of body smells, but a back-up of plumbing spoilage. After all, many business offices rarely pay attention to the need to utilize drain and pipe cleaning solutions that help eroding waste flush properly through the drainage system.

Thus, Allen Maintenance Corporation, strongly recommends utilizing a drain and pipe cleaning solution that can help lower the rising odors that build-up in restrooms. And if all else fails, pick up the phone and dial 313.383.4840, Monday-Friday 9am-3pm; and Allen Maintenance Corporation, will do its best to help combat the issue.

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Have you ever noticed the build-up of dirt on the floor of your office restroom? Have you noticed the finger prints on the windows, or the mirrors? Have you ever raised the toilet seat in your work office?


Too often, office personnel ignores the small germ issues compiling around the office. However, doing so can create bigger problems. After all, germs can develop into infectious bacteria and viruses.


Ignoring these signs is harmful to the health of the business environment.


So why do business owners neglect to take heed to recommendations from CDC or Government agencies that suggest implementing effective cleaning procedures?


It’s time to make changes to the way, your office takes notice of combating germs and bacteria.


Allen Maintenance Corporation would like to help, your business strategies methodologies to eliminate germs and bacteria on surfaces commonly utilized throughout the office daily.  


Therefore, take charge, and become a change agent.


Connect with Allen Maintenance Corporation, and get rid of those germs and bacteria, before, they take over your office.


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Interestingly, a research study published in the Applied Microbiology Journal, reported that wall mounted hand soap dispensers can be agents for bacteria hibernation and dissemination. In fact, the research study conducted at a local elementary school, included 25 participants, who showed an increase level of  bacteria, after continued use of the wall mounted hand soap dispenser.


The study conveys that bacteria on commonly used surfaces such as wall mounted hand soap dispensers, can be a haven for bacteria sharing. This is an alarming fact that requires on-going research. After all, wall mounted hand soap dispensers, have a long standing history of being instrumental in combating the spread of germs.


However, seemingly, wall mounted hand soap dispensers that embody sealed liquid soap packages are safer and best reliable.  Whereas, traditional wall mounted hand soap dispensers filled daily or every other day, can become havens for bacteria collection, and cause an alarming out break of bacteria infections.

Therefore, Allen Maintenance Corporation, recommends utilizing wall mounted hand soap dispensers that are changeable, and easy to care for. Installing these products are efficient and protects hand soap users from being victimized by bacteria spreading germs.


A recommended source to acquire wall mounted hand soap dispensers is


To  learn more about this research study, log on to





Hand Soap. (2018). Service Medallion. Web site:


Wall Mounted Hand Soap Dispenser. (2018). Webstaurant Store. Web site:



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Let’s face it, unless you possess effective building maintenance and commercial cleaning expertise; it can be quite challenging to stamp out the spread of germs in your business environment. After all,  doing so requires working with a team of experts, who knows just how to get the job done. That’s why, Allen Maintenance Corporation exists-to get the job done!


Utilizing federal approved products in commercial environments, is the best methodology to combating the spread of germs. After all, using EPA approved products can lower the spread of deadly germs, and cut increased cost of health insurance in the work place. A goal all businesses should thrive for.


In fact, the ISSA- Worldwide Cleaning Association recommends using a professional cleaning service provider, if your business operates with more than 2 employees. Maintaining control over the spread of germs is vital, especially during flu season.

To learn more, please watch the video presentation published by the ISSA- Worldwide Cleaning Association.

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Operating a business can be hectic. But operating a business in an unhealthy environment, makes matters worse. Luckily, Allen Maintenance Corporation makes unhealthy work environments healthy, with professionalism and expert skills.

With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, Allen Maintenance Corporation, thrives to adhere to industry related quality control integrity.

After all, Allen Maintenance Corporation has invested, 30-years, building firm business relationships with corporations in the Metro Detroit area.

Our mission is to provide local area businesses and corporations, with quality building maintenance and commercial cleaning services unlike others. Services deeply rooted in trust and integrity.

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In today’s building maintenance and commercial cleaning industry, ineffective communication skills continues impacting the level of clarity needed, to assure client’s their work will be achieved professionally, each and every time. This key factor requires better employee training skills. In fact, when employees are better prepared to communicate with clients in the field, business is conducted with ease.

One key element, Allen Maintenance Corporation, hopes to combat, is defining an effective methodology to improving how their employees communicate with current and future clients. After all, most clients lack clarity on the services, they need to clean their work environments.  

To help improve this problem, Allen Maintenance Corporation, will implement better hiring practices that enables them the opportunity to speak with new hires and determine the level of communication skills, each new hire possesses.

In doing so, both Allen Maintenance Corporation and its clients', can rest assure, services will be rendered with a professional attitude, and cordial speaking tones, in professional work environments. This new approach will take time to implement. But, Allen Maintenance Corporation, has built its reputation on quality assurance.

Furthermore, it’s just as important to bring to mind, the value of building brand resonance. In doing so, clients can feel comfortable sharing details with others, about the services, they receive from, Allen Maintenance Corporation. And, Allen Maintenance Corporation, can continue resting assured, they are serving all clients with professionalism.

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Let’s face it, operating a business is hectic and requires multi-tasking skills. Then when you consider the attack of germs and spread of bacteria; having a team to help combat these issues, helps tremendously. After all, just spraying disinfectant doesn’t always do the job.

Allen Maintenance Corporation thrives to maintain its professionalism. In doing so, clients can rest assure, they are acquiring services from a business partner, who takes cleaning serious. So serious, Allen Maintenance Corporation, believes in adhering to industry standards. The very reason why, they maintain their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Having an office without a cleaning staff isn’t professional. After all, germs begin to build and impact the cleanliness of active environments, on contact. With clients, in and out, each person drops off some degree of germs that build upon the germs left behind , by someone before.

To help combat this growth and spread of germs, Allen Maintenance Corporation, utilizes FDA approved cleaning products, as a precaution to combating the spread of deadly bacteria and sickness causing germs.

So in the future, when you seek to connect with a professional cleaning staff that takes pride in protecting your office from the spread of germs and disease, call Allen Maintenance Corporation, at 313.383.4840; and find out how, we can help. Office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-3pm.

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The United States Occupational Standards and Health Plan (e.g. OSHA) established standards industries should comply with regarding commercial cleaning requirements. Below are links to various OSHA Websites and others’ alike, that provide commercial cleaning standards. Please take time to investigate, your business industry commercial cleaning requirements.

Workplace Health and Safety Laws:

Health Care Industry:

Allen Maintenance Corporation works effectively with all industries to provide industry related commercial cleaning. 

References (2018). United States Department of Labor. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Website: (2018). Legal Encyclopedia. OSHA: Complying with Workplace Health and Safety Laws. Website:

Healthcare Environmental Resource Center. (2018). Cleaning Chemicals. Website:

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Commercial cleaning and building maintenance in 2018, will be provided with more quality care. This year, Allen Maintenance Corporation is thriving to better understand the needs of their current clients’ and prospective clients.

One of the key components to maintaining a strong business relationship is communication. Thus, Allen Maintenance Corporation is interested in learning more about what your business wants and/or needs from a quality commercial cleaning service provider.

Please click the link to complete the questionnaire:

Providing clear and honest answers, will enable Allen Maintenance Corporation to better service your business or organization’s cleaning needs. After all, if your office provides services to more than 25 people a week, having a professional commercial cleaning service provider will help eliminate the spread of the Flu virus.

The Flu virus can be spread from surfaces contaminated with germs from clients who touch door handles, water faucets, or toilet handles. Using EPA approved products daily can helps combat the spread of such germs. 

Allen Maintenance Corporation has been servicing clients on the Eastern District of Michigan, for more than 27 years. In 2018, Allen Maintenance Corporation would like to serve your business or organization.

Our team of trained commercial cleaners, uphold a CIA Triad: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Accountability.

In 2018, building a relationship with Allen Maintenance Corporation, will help make your organization or business a cleaner place to work, and a cleaner environment for your clients to visit.

Contact Us today at 313.383.4840. And let’s begin preparing a schedule that fits your timeline and building maintenance and commercial cleaning budget. Contact Allen Maintenance Corporation today!


Background Checks Weed Out Bad Employees

One of the most alarming concerns with hiring cleaning companies, is the concern regarding effective background checks. After all, reports convey, “with a pre-employment screening program in place in your business, you can discourage applicants with possible troubled histories from applying for open positions. Per the Society for Human Resources Management estimates, over half of the resumes received by potential employers contain misleading or false background information.” (Webmaster, 2014)

Additional study conveys, “making a deep background investigation of potential employees is an integral part of the hiring process that can benefit your company in many ways.” (2014)

However, not all background checks provide in-depth details about a perspective employee. In fact, some back-ground checks only include:

  • Credit report
  • Employment history
  • Housing history
  • Criminal history

For a credit report background check, studies show, “when you use consumer reports to make employment decisions, including hiring, retention, promotion or reassignment, you must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the FCRA.” (

Furthermore, “employers who use “investigative reports”-reports based on personal interviews concerning a person’s character, general reputation, personal characteristic, and lifestyle-have additional obligations under the FCRA. These obligations include giving written notice that you may request or have requested an investigative consumer report, and giving a statement that the person has a right to request additional disclosures and a summary of the scope and substance of the report; See 15 U.S.C. section 1681d(a), (b)).” (2017)

When using employment history, studies convey that using employment background checks are limited to the details available. Most employment background checks provide limited details on where potential employees formerly were employed. Such reports also limit the details of how perspective employee character, absentee, and work-habits are.

On the other hand, conducting housing history background reports also provides limited details. In fact, this report tends to provide details about the locations and all, addresses the potential employee had for the past five-years. Using housing reports aren’t necessarily instrumental in providing essential information that helps make a determining decision about employment.

Moreover, when using criminal background checks, most states have laws limiting the number of years a background check can be conducted on potential employee criminal past. In fact, “thirteen states enacted laws in their 2010-2011 legislative sessions to expunge and seal low-level offenses after a discrete number of years. Three states passed laws to limit the liability of employers that hire people with criminal records.” (Solomon, 2017)

In many instances, criminal background checks go back ten years. For instance, to receive a Top-Secret clearance employment position, the government conducts a ten-year, criminal background check. For a “Confidential” security-level position, government criminal history background checks go back 5-7 years. (

These are just a few details Allen Maintenance Corporation takes into consideration when hiring employees for their cleaning positions. Being aware of the characteristics each employee possesses, and knowing if an employee has had previous negative behavior, enables Allen Maintenance Corporation, to maintain low-level theft and property damage to client’s property when contracted to clean internally.

Therefore, when determining how effective Allen Maintenance Corporation is about investigating its employees’ and protecting the assets of clients when Allen Maintenance Corporation employees are on client’s campus; rest assured, Allen Maintenance Corporation maintains a high-level, due diligence, to protect all client’s property.


Webmaster. (2014). Stony Brook University. Private Investigators and the Importance of Background Checks. Retrieved from: (2017). Using Consumer Reports. Retrieved from:

Solomon, A. (2017). National Institute of Justice. In Search of a Job: Criminal Records as Barriers to Employment. Retrieved from:

Ramos, J. (2017). U.S. Small Business Administration. Obtaining a Security Clearance for Your 8(a) Company and/or Employee. Retrieved from:

National Commercial Cleaning News

One of the daunting tasks associated with operating a regional commercial cleaning service, is finding the best electronic marketing platforms, to share information about the services, we provide. After all, regional commercial cleaning competition is fierce!

Luckily, with time and effort, we’ve learned about some invaluable news sources, we’d like to share with you. In fact, just recently, a search query landed our electronic marketing specialist, on the contact page of Cleaning Business Today. This information source seeks business articles from regional commercial cleaning service providers.

And lastly, we learned about Cleaning and Maintenance Management, who offers a digital magazine that includes a directory of cleaning and maintenance companies and classifieds. However, what I found most intriguing about this news source, is that it offers a forum for industry related discussions.

As a commercial cleaning service provider operating in the Eastern District of Michigan, we are always interested in learning about electronic marketing platforms for commercial cleaning service providers. Having reliable news mediums to share and disseminate news through, about the services we offer, helps us connect with leads that build long-term business partnerships.

Today, Allen Maintenance Corporation, provides quality commercial cleaning services to Top Tier corporations deeply rooted in Michigan, such as PepsiCo, LORD, and Bridgestone Fire Stone, to name a few.

Therefore, without digital news sources, we would be limited to whom we share news with, about our services. If you are aware of additional digital commercial cleaning news mediums, please let us know, and we will continue to do the same.

Thank you,

Allen Maintenance Corporation


Cleaning Business (2017). Retrieved from:

Clean (2017). Retrieved from:

Cleaning & Maintenance Management. (2017). Retrieved from:


Understanding the importance of integrating commercial cleaning services in your business or organization’s daily operations requires professional training and awareness. Therefore, Allen Maintenance Corporation has provided a training video from the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA). To help reinforce the knowledge shared in this training video, a quick  quiz has been designed. 

Please take a few moments to gain these important facts about commercial cleaning for your business or organization. And, contact Allen Maintenance Corporation, if you have questions or would like to begin learning how to build a partnership.

References (2017) ISSA Value of Clean [INFOGRAPHIC] . Retrieved from:

Build A Better Work Environment Cleaning Ethic in 2017

Determining how to effectively sanitize your business office takes serious consideration. After all, traffic is moving in and out rapidly every day; bringing with it-- germs and bacteria that can often carry viruses such as Influenza.

Acting to safe guard your business environment should not be a headache. Instead, implementing effective cleaning procedures should be left up to a professional team of qualified commercial cleaners, who are trained and capable of rendering dependable services that gets results.

In fact, the Worldwide Cleaning Association conveys a powerful message regarding the importance of implementing quality janitorial services, in the video below:

For more than 25 years, Allen Maintenance Corporation has pride its commercial cleaning services on professionalism that meets the needs of every corporation, large or small, it collaborates with.

Great reason joining forces with this Lincoln Park, MI. business in 2017 is important. After all, quality services rendered at economical rates, should not go unnoticed.

Take action in 2017, and join forces with Allen Maintenance Corporation, and begin creating a germ and bacteria free work environment, your staff and customers can be pride of.


Wagner, D.  (2016).  Worldwide Cleaning Association. Retrieved from: